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The End of November

How is it that this happens every year? We say, "I can't believe summer is over" to, "I love Halloween" to "It's too early for Christmas decorations" to "Happy Thanksgiving" in the blink of an eye. Every. Single. Year. The time flies by, and now tomorrow is the first day of December. 

Summer Bucket List

Well, as of yesterday evening, with an incredible amount of help from my mom, my flowers are in the ground. Now it really feels like summer is almost here.


straders garden center columbus


My flowers went from the Garden Center...


planting flowers spring summer


To the back of my mom's car...


tivoli apartments columbus ohio


Winter Blues and Other News

Is it lame to rhyme blog post titles? Not that I would know much about blogs lately, since I haven't posted in about A HUNDRED YEARS.

I started thinking about how and why this may have happened. In the beginning, when my secret plan to quit my crappy desk job was just that, a secret, this was like my outlet. I needed to talk about the things I was feeling, so I poured my heart out... to a computer screen. But in that process, I met some amazing, encouraging people who helped me to get where I am today.

31 Candles.

Birthdays are so weird. Especially in today's age of constant connectedness with cell phones and social media. Your phone goes off like crazy all day... calls, texts, 1000 Facebook alerts from people that you rarely hear from. Unexpected sweet messages. Unexpected, sweet phone calls that make you feel like you are doing something right. It's weird, but it's nice to have an excuse to feel important for a day.

Finding Beauty In A World of Gray

Whoa. It's been a while since I've written a blog post. This time of year is so bleak; I get swept up in it and spend too much time dreaming of warmer days rather than living in the moment. January and February are admittedly my least favorite months. It seems like the world has no color, the sun seldom shines, and days spent outside are some kind of faraway dream.

This part of winter just sucks.

How do you measure a year?

I am going to pre-apologize if this gets rambly and nostalgic and disjointed. Those words describe my thought process right now - just a big mess of words that I am trying to form into coherent ideas.

Creative Energy Extravaganza Explosion Supernova Thing.

I feel like I go on and on about this whole transition from a miserable 9-5 desk job to a sometimes 8am-3am job as an artist. Hopefully it's not too redundant and boring... but I just cannot help myself.

Balancing Work, Art, and Chaos.

Crazy crazy crazy times as of lately. Sometimes I sit at my desk at work just thinking, "I cannot for the life of me believe I am quitting." It is such an exciting feeling, but again, that excitement is often overshadowed by my overwhelming fear of running out of money. And not making money. And not having money. This has been a true test of how positive a person can stay about a completely unknown future, and how much faith someone can have in what they are doing. So far, mine is strong.

Life as of Lately

Oooooooh my. Where do I even start. How about here: I quit my job on Monday. Yeah. Impulsive/crazy/rash/brazen/sudden? Sure. Quite possibly the best decision I've ever made in my life? Let's hope :) My last day is September 7. The way I see it, that is when my life really starts.