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Inspiration Wednesday!

I have discovered a boatload of amazing artists on Society6. Sometimes once you start clicking on that website, suddenly an hour has passed. Here are some recent finds (link to artist's Society6 page underneath):

Travel Journals: Why Didn't I Think of This?

You know that saying about the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing? I'm kind of feeling that right now idea right now... so years ago, back in 2005 when I was a carefree college student, I studied abroad in China over the summer. It was an indescribable experience. Like I still get chills thinking about it. I seriously saved every single little thing I came in contact with there, from maps to money to receipts to candy wrappers. Yes, candy wrappers. That following spring, my wanderlust was still going strong and I traveled to Europe with some friends and did the same thing.

NOT Just Another Manic Monday.

By Starlight Woods on Etsy
Monday mornings are not my friend. As a general rule, Sunday nights are not either... because I spend them dreading Monday mornings. Currently I am trying to break free of the "living for the weekend" mindset that I have become completely entrapped in. Sure, ideally I do not want to spend eight hours of my day at my desk at work. But right now, it is what I have to do.

Rant-y Garbage Post.

And I mean "Garbage Post" in the sense that this is going to cover little of everything. You know, like how a garbage pizza has every topping under the sun on it. I guess I just have a lot on my mind at this very moment, and it's all about to spill.

I Want to be Like Flora Bowley.

flora bowley painting
flora bowley painting


So after a mysterious two month hiatus, I feel like my inspiration and drive has returned with a vengeance. I can't stop reading artist's blogs, Facebook pages, reading their stories on the Etsy blog, admiring their work. Maybe it's the return of the sunshine, warm weather, and life this spring that has brought my creative spirit back with it. Whatever it is, I'm grateful it happened.

The Unbelievable Imagery of Maggie Piu

maggie piu artwork
maggie piu painting


maggie piu art


maggie piu painting artwork


I honestly am not even going to attempt to write anything profound/inspiring/analytical right now because I am exhausted from traveling, sick, and on massive cold medicine plus a glass of wine for good measure. In fact, it took me about five tries to spell "analytical" without getting the squiggly red line. So I gave up and used spell check, which changed it to what it is now, but the squiggly red line is still there. It's blowing my mind. Or maybe that's the NyQuil (which I probably shouldn't mix with wine). 

Yellena James: Some of the Most Beautiful Art I Have Ever Seen

You know when you experience that rare instance when you see a work of art that takes your breath away? If not, firstly I'm sorry, it's a genius experience. But secondly, to get this experience look no farther than Yellena James. She is an artist who was born in violence-ridden Sarajevo. She dodged snipers to get to her school, because the creative process is that important to her. Her images are bone-chillingly beautiful, haunting, organic... they are just so alive. I could stare at them for hours. Here are a few of my favorites:

yellena james artwork
yellena james painting


yellena james art