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Day 8 - 40 Works In 40 Days

mixed media artwork
Oh lord, I've gotten behind with my posting. Today is Day 10 of my 40 Works In 40 Days project, but I still haven't posted days 8 or 9. I actually wanted to post day 8 by itself because it was pretty significant to me. So this is about day 8, which was Wednesday October 31. Halloween. 
I have mentioned lately about my worries about my job-quitting-decision/situation/money a million times over. It has been something I have not been able to shake.

40 Works In 40 Days - Day 6 and Day 7

mixed media painting


mixed media collage art


Has it really been a week since I started this project?? So I may or may not be a little behind on my posting - oops. Today is Day 8, but here are the works from days 6 and 7. Day 6 was completely about losing myself in what I was doing and not worrying about anything except dipping my paintbrush and making marks on a page. It's pretty disjointed but honestly represents the state of mind I was in at the time perfectly. 

40 Works In 40 Days - Day 5

mixed media painting
Oooooh my lord is it really almost November? I cannot believe in a few days it will have been two months since I left my job. Wow.
Yesterday marked Day 5, and this is what came out of it. I have been wanting to experiment with painting on top of multiple layers using different media and this project is the perfect time to do so. Random sidenote: if you are like me and did not know this AMAZING TIP, you can soak dried up paintbrushes (I had paintbrushes from college that I was too lazy to wash...

40 Works In 40 Days - Day 4

mixed media artwork
Yesterday was day 4 of my project/experiment. In the afternoon, I started seeing comments that people left on here from the previous days of this project and I was completely in shock and overwhelmed. The creative community is amazing, there is no other way to put it. The kinship that other artists feel with one another (with people we have never met in person!) is instantaneous and powerful. I don't even know how to describe it; there are no words.

40 Works in 40 Days - Day 3

mushroom painting
Today was weird. There are a lot of things on my mind; it's been a "worrying day," as I have come to call them. This morning started out great: I taught myself how to make seamless patterns in Photoshop and came up with this colorful explosion:
citrus crush pattern
Then tonight was kind of downhill. I applied for some bartending jobs (I used to be a bartender and actually love doing it) because the worrying was so bad. I have an interview on Tuesday.

40 Works In 40 Days - Day 2

mixed media portrait
I've been working on logos and designs for a handful of people lately... which is kind of a first for me. You have to learn to take things with a grain of salt because let's face it: everyone's taste is different. What you think is awesome someone else might shudder at. But that's one of the infinite things that makes life interesting; no two of us are alike.
A couple of the logos I have been working on involve portraits/faces which I LOVE drawing. I run into trouble because a lot of people like a clean-cut, simple style...

Creative Energy Extravaganza Explosion Supernova Thing.

I feel like I go on and on about this whole transition from a miserable 9-5 desk job to a sometimes 8am-3am job as an artist. Hopefully it's not too redundant and boring... but I just cannot help myself.

The Last Hurrahs

Oh boy... we are really down to the wire now. This week is my last week of work. Kind of nice that today was a holiday; now there are only four days left. In four days, my only commitment will be to creating. As those days creep closer and closer, my fears of running out of money and not being able to make enough money are annoyingly growing stronger by the day.

Balancing Work, Art, and Chaos.

Crazy crazy crazy times as of lately. Sometimes I sit at my desk at work just thinking, "I cannot for the life of me believe I am quitting." It is such an exciting feeling, but again, that excitement is often overshadowed by my overwhelming fear of running out of money. And not making money. And not having money. This has been a true test of how positive a person can stay about a completely unknown future, and how much faith someone can have in what they are doing. So far, mine is strong.