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Random Obsessions

One of the first Etsy shops to make me stop dead in my tracks was Raceytay Fine Art Photography. Tracey's photos are pure magic and the moods she creates are like something out of a dream. Don't even get me started on her eye for color. But aaaaaanyway, I stop by her shop fairly frequently to take in the delicious inspiration and this week I was browsing her photo sets. My absolute favorite set is this one, showcasing the beauty of the four seasons:

raceytay photography

By Raceytay on Etsy.

Bohemian Vibes & Summertime

My creativity must be super-charged by the sunshine because I cannot make my pencil move fast enough lately. Days of sketching by the pool, evenings walking by the river, just being outside as much as possible... I love summer. I love how everything seems to move more slowly, more peacefully. And that it's still light outside at 10pm, making staying up until the wee hours of the morning way too easy. Summer makes me want to put flowers in my hair and play in the woods. Like every single day. It really brings out the bohemian in all of us, doesn't it?

Coming Back To Blogger

After trying to adjust to the new blog format of my website (then getting frustrated and not feeling the same closeness of the Blogger community), I am moving my blog back over here. I miss Blogger. I miss being able to see what everyone is doing and blog hop and all that good stuff. It just feels like home here... maybe because this is where I started out, rambling about dreams and art and all things good and true :) Here are some photos of what I have been up to lately...
lucy cat jenndalyn
Lucy is still large and in charge.


ohio summer olentangy river

Most Inconsistent Blogger Ever: ME!

Sooooo... I have been battling the idea of setting a pseudo-schedule for myself recently, because the craziest thing started happening in December... I GOT BUSY. There were days where I was spending five or so hours just packing and printing orders! Insane. This is what I've been working for and granted I have the holiday season to thank, but it's still amazing. Aside from Etsy orders picking up, a lot of other cool things have been going on around here lately....

On December 1, I did my first arts festival!!

Post-Thanksgiving Thangs

Oh my gosh. Where do I even start? So as of last time, I had fallen off the wagon with my 40 Works in 40 Days project... due to stress, worries, self-doubt, blah blah blah. Life is a learning experience and I feel like sometimes we get this picture in our head about how certain things will go. Then when they don't go that way, we get upset. Angry. Disappointed. We dwell. We kick and scream. When I started that project, I envisioned 40 perfect days, creating a new original every day and all the while smiling and knowing that art is what I am meant to do in life. Well, then life happened.

These Days

pick me up love balloons
Oh yes, that happy little print is the direct result of me feeding my Photoshop addiction for about three hours today. I have so many scraps of patterns and small illustrations that I have been working on lately (which is awesome... my studio is bursting with art) so why not combine a bunch to make a cute print with a good message? Prints available HERE.
So it's Wednesday. Usually in my mind, Wednesdays were good, especially Wednesday nights. More than halfway through the work week. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now Wednesday is just Wednesday.

Days 17 & 18

Wow... it has been a busy weekend. I honestly have not yet started on today's work! It's 12:39am, to technically it's Day 20... whoops :)

40 Works in 40 Days - Days 14-16

Heeeeere we go....

Kitties & Wine

everything's fine if you have kitties and wine
Constantly keeping the creative flow going has my head filled with a million things I want to get down on paper. I have always loved art nouveau/art deco vintage prints, like those of Alphonse Mucha, Leonetto Cappiello, and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec... So I decided to create one of my own featuring two of my favorite things: kitties & wine :)
8 x 10 prints available for $18 HERE
11 x 14 prints available for $25 HERE.


40 Works in 40 Days - Days 11-13

-Power went out last night in the middle of this post... thank the lord for autosave!!-

One would think that since I no longer have a day job, I would be better about blog posts! I have had so much stuff to work on lately, which is tricky for me... due to my scattered and indecisive nature. I'm the type of person that will start working on Thing 1, then get an idea bout Thing 2 that cannot be ignored, start on that, then see Thing 3 and Thing 4 in a pile on the floor and instantly feel the need to make progress on them, then agree to begin a project involving Thing 5... and I digress.