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The End of November

How is it that this happens every year? We say, "I can't believe summer is over" to, "I love Halloween" to "It's too early for Christmas decorations" to "Happy Thanksgiving" in the blink of an eye. Every. Single. Year. The time flies by, and now tomorrow is the first day of December. 

#30mandalas continues...

It's such a weird thing, to think about how other people see your artwork. Lauren (@llaurenb on Instagram), the amazing artist who inspired my #30mandalas project, once commented on IG about always being able to recognize my work by my style, saying, "No one else does this." She was talking about how I add illustrated elements and doodles to collage. It kind of floored me. Surely someone else has done this. Do I really have my own unique style? One that is recognizable?

#30mandalas : A New Project.

All artists have creative ruts. Some have specific reasons, some have possible reasons, and some unfortunately present themselves with no reason at all.

For the past year almost, I have been experiencing one of the largest creative ruts ever. I create things here and there, but am feeling utterly uninspired. This one has all the types of reasons mentioned above, which I will get into in a later post I am sure, once I sort out all of my thoughts.

But, I feel like I have just been letting it happen. I've been busy. I've been tired. I've been absolutely broke.

Art Journal Pages As of Lately

Well since I haven't blogged in about 7000 years up until the past week or so, I realized that there are many pages in my art journal that haven't been shared on here. I get lots of questions about my process when it comes to creating these pages, and people seem surprised to hear that I rarely work with a plan. It's a very therapeutic thing, kind of like my mind spilling out on paper. I glue, I doodle, I add in words and quotes and phrases that are in my head at the time.

40 Works In 40 Days - The Halfway Point

Hi. It's March 19. It's the last day of winter 2015. I actually just realized that, just now. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Spring: a time of new beginnings and life and color and warmth. Why is spring always so symbolic to me? Is it to you? It's like a weight being lifted, like the winter is this long, dull, tough journey, and every year it's a drag, but every year we emerge on the other side.

31 Candles.

Birthdays are so weird. Especially in today's age of constant connectedness with cell phones and social media. Your phone goes off like crazy all day... calls, texts, 1000 Facebook alerts from people that you rarely hear from. Unexpected sweet messages. Unexpected, sweet phone calls that make you feel like you are doing something right. It's weird, but it's nice to have an excuse to feel important for a day.

It's November!

Wow. It really is... and the amount my heat is running all of a sudden proves it. The trees are starting to look bare, there is frost on the grass in the morning, the Hershey's Kiss holiday commercial (where the kisses ring like bells... you know that one) has reared its festive head.

Heading to the Beach!

This week has been a total whirlwind. After deciding to stay in Chicago an extra night last weekend and not getting home until Monday night, I had to make a separate to do list for each day of this week, because there was so much to do. I feel like the crunch time before vacation (when you are freaking out and pulling your hair out and KNOWING you will never get it all done in time) make the vacation part all the more sweet.

Playtime and New Work

I may or may not be obsessed with Photoshop. One thing I have really learned over this past year is how to use Photoshop in conjunction with hand-drawn things to combine elements and really open up an endless amount of opportunities. These past few weeks in particular I have spent my afternoons just playing: scanning in drawings, tweaking them in Photoshop, adding things, taking things away, working with no real plan. I've played with photos as well, and have been really into out-of-this-world galactic textures.