Old Friends and Reminiscing.

great wall of china beijing
In the summer of 2005, I had the amazing and unique opportunity to study History of Art in China. When I applied for the program, everyone told me I would never get in. When I got in, everyone told me I would never be able to afford it. When the 15 of us who got in all received full ride scholarships, I could not have felt more blessed and fortunate.
Last night I was enjoying happy hour on the patio of a favorite Italian restaurant with my brothers when I received a text message from Jenny, the girl I roomed with throughout our China adventure.

Sunset-Inspired Art Journal.

columbus ohio summer sunset


creating art journal pages


collage art journal pages


Long Live Bohemian Summers

bohemian wall art summer
It has been insanely crazy super mega long since I have created a new piece of art, other than things in my art journal and photography. I feel like I was scared almost? Or I couldn't commit to one idea? Who knows. The creative flow can be fickle for me. This seemed like the perfect creation for this blistering summer day. It's mixed media on a 11" x 14" panel. Yay boho :)


Hiding From the Heat!

The kitties still enjoy the sun from inside the air conditioning...

big fat gray kitty


kitty cat yawning
I feel like I am snowed in or something. Except heated in. It's almost 104 degrees in Columbus and it's only 1pm. It's too hot to even go to the pool. I tried to take my art journal outside for a little photoshoot and only lasted two pictures, so I came inside and started shooting random things.
mixed media art journal pages


mixed media art journal pages


jenndalyn art journal


Day Trippin'

At work on Friday, I googled the best places to take pictures around Columbus and became fixated on Dawes Arboretum, which is about 30 minutes east of the city. I was up at 7am today, had a big breakfast, drank a big Red Bull, and was on the road by 9. I was a little concerned, because we had a fairly horrifying storm here yesterday that pretty much tore Ohio apart. Horrifying as in I was stuck at work and watched a boat blow across our parking lot. Straight outta Twister, I swear. So anyway, I didn't know what condition I'd find the place in.

A Midwest Summer.

Who can believe that next week is July??? Not me, that's for sure. I had kind of a weird weekend last weekend, in that I suddenly out of the blue started to doubt my creative ideas. My dream is to make a living doing what I love: creating things. Then out of nowhere, I had all these thoughts of doubt that were screaming that me, "You'll never be able to keep up with all the talent that is already out there." So, I decided to do what I always do when negative moods strike: I grabbed my camera and took a little trip.

Travel Journals: Why Didn't I Think of This?

You know that saying about the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing? I'm kind of feeling that right now idea right now... so years ago, back in 2005 when I was a carefree college student, I studied abroad in China over the summer. It was an indescribable experience. Like I still get chills thinking about it. I seriously saved every single little thing I came in contact with there, from maps to money to receipts to candy wrappers. Yes, candy wrappers. That following spring, my wanderlust was still going strong and I traveled to Europe with some friends and did the same thing.

Art Journalers Anonymous.

mixed media art journal pages  mixed media art journal pages
Goooooood mooooorniiiiiing (said like Oprah, possibly while waving arms)!!!! Looking for recommendations! After almost a year, my beloved art journal only has about 12 days of space left in it before it is completely full. I thought I would be excited to fill it up and start fresh in a new book, but I am feeling oddly sad and sentimental about finishing this one. I can look back through the pages and remember some amazing and also not-so-amazing times over the past year.

Art Studio Re-Arrange: An Instagram Journey.

Okay, so I got my first DSLR camera last fall. While I have gotten the hang of shooting outdoors and in bright light, my inside photos, well, completely suck. For lack of a better description. I hate using the flash because it blows out the color and creates such harsh shadows. I love shooting in aperture mode, but my inside pictures are always blurry and I am way too lazy to use a tripod. I am trying so hard to figure out how to shoot Christmas lights and get the result that I want; my studio is filled to the brim with them.