Tuesday Adventures: Holden Arboretum

It occurred to me several times over the course of this past year that I probably took more day trips with my camera last year, even though 40-50 hours of my weeks were occupied by my day job. What the heck. At that time, the little trips were kind of like an escape from reality, which is maybe why I did it so much more often back then. Since reality nowadays is pretty cool and there is no need to escape from it.

How do you measure a year?

I am going to pre-apologize if this gets rambly and nostalgic and disjointed. Those words describe my thought process right now - just a big mess of words that I am trying to form into coherent ideas.

Bohemian Vibes & Summertime

My creativity must be super-charged by the sunshine because I cannot make my pencil move fast enough lately. Days of sketching by the pool, evenings walking by the river, just being outside as much as possible... I love summer. I love how everything seems to move more slowly, more peacefully. And that it's still light outside at 10pm, making staying up until the wee hours of the morning way too easy. Summer makes me want to put flowers in my hair and play in the woods. Like every single day. It really brings out the bohemian in all of us, doesn't it?

Coming Back To Blogger

After trying to adjust to the new blog format of my website (then getting frustrated and not feeling the same closeness of the Blogger community), I am moving my blog back over here. I miss Blogger. I miss being able to see what everyone is doing and blog hop and all that good stuff. It just feels like home here... maybe because this is where I started out, rambling about dreams and art and all things good and true :) Here are some photos of what I have been up to lately...
lucy cat jenndalyn
Lucy is still large and in charge.


ohio summer olentangy river

New Website & Blog!

Oh my lord, where has the time gone? Just wanted to let everyone know real quick that I have been hard at work at a new website. Okay, by hard at work I actually mean obsessively working on it every chance I get because I just want it finished. It's almost there, complete with a portfolio, shop section, and blog, which is where this blog will be permanently moved. I figured out how to import all of the posts and comments, and am still trying to figure out how to redirect this blog to the new one.

So, moving forward, you can find my blog at:

A Wintertime Walk

We had our second "significant" amount of snow here in Columbus last Friday. I missed the opportunity to take pictures after our first snow storm, so I was super excited to take advantage of this most recent snowfall. Even though I was dead tired after a busy Friday night at work, I set out early Saturday morning to a wildlife area outside of the city with my camera and an McMuffin. Oh yes, I got a McMuffin. There was practically no one on the trails that early, so it was completely silent... and much of the snow was undisturbed.

Day 22

A New Year, A New Life

Now the song Jennifer Hudson sings from those Weight Watchers commercials is stuck in my head. Soooo..... wow. Hello 2013. I cannot believe I am here... not just in the new year, but where I am in life. Currently, I am surrounded by a paper/paint/scraps/envelope explosion due to frantically packing up and shipping six orders earlier. My days of going to FedEx and buying one shipping envelope at a time seem to be over. The days right before and right after Christmas were pretty scary: I had a dry spell with ZERO ETSY ORDERS and about had a panic attack. But then, they came back in a big way.

Most Inconsistent Blogger Ever: ME!

Sooooo... I have been battling the idea of setting a pseudo-schedule for myself recently, because the craziest thing started happening in December... I GOT BUSY. There were days where I was spending five or so hours just packing and printing orders! Insane. This is what I've been working for and granted I have the holiday season to thank, but it's still amazing. Aside from Etsy orders picking up, a lot of other cool things have been going on around here lately....

On December 1, I did my first arts festival!!

Post-Thanksgiving Thangs

Oh my gosh. Where do I even start? So as of last time, I had fallen off the wagon with my 40 Works in 40 Days project... due to stress, worries, self-doubt, blah blah blah. Life is a learning experience and I feel like sometimes we get this picture in our head about how certain things will go. Then when they don't go that way, we get upset. Angry. Disappointed. We dwell. We kick and scream. When I started that project, I envisioned 40 perfect days, creating a new original every day and all the while smiling and knowing that art is what I am meant to do in life. Well, then life happened.