New markers: just as fun today as when I was 7.

bohemian art mixed media illustration
Today has been another one of those "I don't know what I would do if I was not artistic" kind of days. I got new Prismacolor markers on Thursday (I had a coupon!) and have not really had a chance to try them out until today. Remember when you were little and you got a new box of 64 crayons? The kind that had the crayon sharpener in the back? Maybe I am a freak, but a new box of crayons was something that would have me amped for at least a week. That feeling has never worn off with me and new art supplies.


What started as a simple idea turned into something pretty substantial last weekend. I finally got my new camera. I wanted to play with it. So I found someplace close by (Alum Creek State Park) but someplace I had never been. It turned out to be one of my favorite days in recent memories. Just me, a camera, the autumn woods, and a whole lot of wind. I got some great pictures, found some magical places, and came home with six terrariums worth of souvenirs. 

alum creek state park

alum creek ohio state park

fall autumn alum creek park









Top 10: GoalsWantsNeedsDesiresDreams

The short list:
1) Reopen my Etsy shop in November.
2) Figure out a good composition for my neighbor hood map idea.
3) Work out three times this week.
4) Create a design for business cards, labels, and packaging.
5) Make a list of things I am grateful for. Post it on my wall. When I'm feeling fussy, look at the list.
6) Read more books. A lot more.
7) Find a four leaf clover.
8) Make a visual goal poster. Put things on it like a fabulous condo, vacation destinations, and art.
9) Learn to really believe I can do this.
10) Learn how to make patterns in Photoshop.

The long list: