The Unbelievable Imagery of Maggie Piu

maggie piu artwork
maggie piu painting


maggie piu art


maggie piu painting artwork


I honestly am not even going to attempt to write anything profound/inspiring/analytical right now because I am exhausted from traveling, sick, and on massive cold medicine plus a glass of wine for good measure. In fact, it took me about five tries to spell "analytical" without getting the squiggly red line. So I gave up and used spell check, which changed it to what it is now, but the squiggly red line is still there. It's blowing my mind. Or maybe that's the NyQuil (which I probably shouldn't mix with wine). 

In any case, I am indulging in my favorite beautiful imagery before I lapse into my drug-induced coma, and one artist that I just had to share quickly is Maggie Piu. She hails from Poland, and her paintings are just... amazing. She has a few blogs, which I will list shortly, but before you visit them I want to share what I love about them: they show her process. Photos of her paintings in their various stages of existence. I LOVE work that makes me wonder, "How in the hell did they do that? Where did they start? What came next?" Maggie shares that with you. Such out of this world talent. I am going to stop rambling now. Check out her blogs here:

Go now, you won't be disappointed.
Hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving :)


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