Tuesday Adventures: Dawes Arboretum

I'm loving this idea already. This past weekend I got excited on Sunday night, knowing that on Tuesday  I could spend an unlimited amount of time wandering around the world and getting lost. After debating over a few places to visit, I decided to go back to Dawes Arboratum, which I visited last summer for the first time. Last summer's visit was kind of a weird one, because it was the day after a HUGE storm (which I now know was called a derecho) blew through Ohio. Driving to Dawes was tricky enough, because going through the small town that it's in was like driving through an obstacle course... tree branches, power lines, pieces of houses, you name it, it was everywhere. Then when I got there, the place was pretty much torn apart. I'm guessing half of the workers that were there trying to clean everything up weren't even supposed to be there. There were even portapotties that had been turned upside down.

This summer's visit was much more peaceful. It was a beautiful sunny day, there weren't that many people there, everything was just perfect. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to go back. The grounds are so diverse, with everything from a Japanese garden to farmland to a redwood forest to open fields full of wildflowers... and woods. I put in my headphones, got lost in the music, and got lost at Dawes, for almost four hours. Here are some of the things I saw:

apple tree dawes arboretum


summer flowers dawes arboretum


country landscape rural ohio


dawes arboretum nature trail


dawes arboretum house


wishing well dawes arboretum


hiking trail dawes arboretum


lavender flowers field


walking path dawes arboretum


queen anne's lace flowers


dawes arboretum ohio summer


country prairie flowers


rustic country farmhouse


wishing well dawes arboretum
Now where to go next Tuesday... 


These are so beautiful!

These are so beautiful!

This is great!

I just love watching your pics, Jenn! Keep on doing this thing, your blog is amazing!

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