It's Happening Again - I Am A Teacher for Wanderlust 2018!

You guys - I have some really exciting news. I have been invited to teach for Wanderlust 2018!


wanderlust 2018 mixed media class


What is Wanderlust 2018?

wanderlust 2018It is attest to the fact that it is amazing) with classes every week through videos. Your teachers are an amazing team of artists, including Kasia and Jamie, the amazing husband and wife duo who founded Everything Art, the company behind this incredible experience.

Each week you will be transported from your workspace into a creative journey exploring various materials, techniques, exercises, tutorials, tips, tricks, and projects. In addition to the courses, you will have access to a forum with an amazing and friendly community, inspirations, challenges, discussions, galleries, workshops, and giveaways. You can do all of this from your living room, from your phone, from a tablet in the middle of the forest, from your laptop on the beach. I know that in my own video, I will be encouraging you to take your art supplies and go play outside. 

Each artist puts together their own unique video and we all have different styles and techniques, so each week will be completely different. 26 teachers means you will get a deep look into the styles of 26 individuals, find out what inspires us, secret tips and techniques, our favorite go-to materials. Those art journal pages you have saved on Pinterest? You will be able to create your own. We promise to light a fire within you when you take this journey with us.

Check out this group of powerhouse creatives that will be guiding these creative journeys:


wanderlust 2018 teachers


Teachers pictured (in order from top left to right, then down): Michelle Turbide, ME, Susie LaFond, Carolyn Dube, Belinda Fireman, Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk, Cat Kerr, Galia Alena, Cait Sherwood, Danny Phillips, Tracy Verdugo, Chrissy Foreman Cranitch, Jodi Ohl, Stephanie Lee, Tori Weyers, Consie Sindet, Jeanne Oliver, Eliza Trojanowska, Kaz Hall, Wyanne, Ivy Newport, April Miller McMurtry, Nathalie Kalbach, Mary Beth Shaw, Jamie Avery, and Kasia Avery. 

I know that on social media I get a lot of questions about my art journals: how I create the pages, what type of book I use, what type of paper, etc. In my class, I will be covering all of that, and showing you how you can intuitively create pages of your own. I'm just so excited about it, because you know, I could talk about art until the sun burns out. 

So how do you register? Firstly, if you sign up before actual 2018 arrives, you get the early bird price of $102.00 (approximately - Kasia and Jamie live in Great Britain so the actual price is £79), which makes each class only about $2. $2 a week to transport yourself on a completely different creative journey. Interested? Secure your spot HERE. After December 31, the price is approximately $128.00, and even if you sign up later, you will still have access to the earlier classes. 

Everything Art also has a really creative and inspirational Facebook page if you would like to jump on there and see what people are saying about this class - there is quite a buzz about it!

And if you signed up, I look forward to seeing you - my class is in January :)


wanderlust 2018 art classes


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