The End of November

How is it that this happens every year? We say, "I can't believe summer is over" to, "I love Halloween" to "It's too early for Christmas decorations" to "Happy Thanksgiving" in the blink of an eye. Every. Single. Year. The time flies by, and now tomorrow is the first day of December. 

While cold weather is not my jam, Christmas is. Like in a ridiculously extra way. It took me a week to put up my decorations this year, during which time I was living in an apartment that could not have been exited quickly if an emergency situation arose. At one point, my neighbor knocked on my door asking me to borrow a screwdriver, right in the middle of the worst part of the mess. His expression said, "Do I need to call someone for you?" 

But it's magic. I'm 34 years old, and still feel the magic of the holiday season. When my brothers and I were little, Christmas was simply magic. We lived in central New York and often had a white Christmas. We always went and picked out a real tree. We decorated cookies. We made pipe cleaner candy canes, strung with beads. Those same candy canes are now mine, and are on my trees. On Christmas Eve, I would spend the night on the floor in my brothers' room, and all three of us would be too excited to sleep. One year we swore we heard something on the roof. 

I feel like people not only lose the magic of Christmas as they grow older, they lose magic in general. I refuse. It's why I have three Christmas trees. It's why I add sparkles and surreal elements to my photos. It's why getting lost in the woods is a spiritual experience for me. Because I still chase the magic. 

Because of my Christmas decorating extravaganza and traveling home for Thanksgiving, I took a short break from #30mandalas, but am back at it this week. Here is why decorating took so long (I took these photos with my phone, so they aren't the best):


christmas trees decorated


christmas decorations apartment


christmas tree forest


I clustered my trees this year and made a Christmas Tree Forest. My apartment is so small, so it's really hard to change up the placement of everything, but I had to do something different this year. 


christmas decorations jenndalyn


christmas stockings


apartment christmas decorations


fiber optic christmas trees


I'm going to take some better photos with my camera later on, but alas, Christmas has arrived in my home!

I finished Day 10 of #30mandalas last night, and have such a crazy amount of ideas I want to try that it's hard to focus! Here is Day 9, which is my favorite thus far:


tree of life wall art

"Tree of Life Mandala"


rainbow mandala walla rt

"Rainbow Mandala"


So that's life as of lately. Bring it on, December. 


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