Day Trippin'

At work on Friday, I googled the best places to take pictures around Columbus and became fixated on Dawes Arboretum, which is about 30 minutes east of the city. I was up at 7am today, had a big breakfast, drank a big Red Bull, and was on the road by 9. I was a little concerned, because we had a fairly horrifying storm here yesterday that pretty much tore Ohio apart. Horrifying as in I was stuck at work and watched a boat blow across our parking lot. Straight outta Twister, I swear. So anyway, I didn't know what condition I'd find the place in. While I did come upon some upside down portapotties (hopefully no one was seeking shelter in there...) and about 1000 uprooted trees, I also found a place that was so incredibly beautiful that I got goosebumps. And it was 95 degrees today. More on all that later but here are a few previews of what I saw!

dawes arboretum flowers


dawes arboretum ohio house


summer ohio dawes arboretum


lace curtains farmhouse window


dawes arboretum gardens


sunflower photo


pink flowers rustic


wishing well dawes arboretum
I was there for four hours and took 150 pictures. On more than one occasion I caught myself commenting out loud about how beautiful it was. Other than the employees who were cleaning up storm damage, I was the only person there. Actually I feel fortunate right now to have power, because 2/3 of the state doesn't. My brother (I have twin brothers who are younger - 26) who just moved into a new apartment this week is not expected to get power back for 5-7 days! Call me weird but I like getting reminders to appreciate things that most take for granted. Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend :)


That was scary to hear about

That was scary to hear about the storm and the flying boat!. You took GREAT pictures, I'm enjoying looking at little things that you'd noticed, like the lacy curtain and the white ladder!. I feel much rejuvenated looking at these photos of nature. TFS, Jen!.

You have quite the

You have quite the eye...beautiful photos! What a cool idea to google best places to take photographs. That storm really does sound terrifying...

Gorgeous photos Jenn. You

Gorgeous photos Jenn. You always manage to create such atmosphere in your pictures. My favourite is the pathway - quite magical!Just out of interest do u edit your photos much? I'm curious at what u might use ^_^

Thank you!!! This place was

Thank you!!! This place was INSANELY beautiful. If not for the heat I easily could have spent 8-10 hours wandering around there.

hehe I don't know what I did

hehe I don't know what I did before google :) I cannot wait to find another place like this... thinking about googling today for another little trip this Saturday! Thank you so much for the compliment :)

Thank you Carolyn! I edit

Thank you Carolyn! I edit almost every single photo that I take... sometime I'll play with the same one for hours. I used to use Photoshop but then discovered Lightroom (also an Adobe program) and have been obsessed ever since. You can even download free presents online (just google "lightroom presets..." I google everything haha). You can even download a 30 day trial of Lightroom from Adobe's website. I LOVE it :)

the photos are very well done

the photos are very well done

Thanks for explaining Jenn -

Thanks for explaining Jenn - I have used Paint Shop Pro 7 for years. It's great for creating graphics but to be honest I think it's a little dated for editing my photos.I think Photoshop is the way to go!IMO it doesn't matter how much you edit you need supa shots first and it's obvious that u have a great talent for getting those ^_^

Your photos are amazing! Oh,

Your photos are amazing! Oh, so very inspiring!

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