Creative Energy Extravaganza Explosion Supernova Thing.

I feel like I go on and on about this whole transition from a miserable 9-5 desk job to a sometimes 8am-3am job as an artist. Hopefully it's not too redundant and boring... but I just cannot help myself.

I had a lot of worries about my first few weeks as an artist. I was afraid things on my mind from my previous job (still cannot believe that is what it is now) would cloud my mind and create a creativity block - like they have for about the past two years. Perhaps it was my week at the beach after my last day of work, but all the awful memories of ringing phones, complaining people, superficial crap, and feelings that I was not working fast enough/hard enough/efficient enough are all but a distant memory.

It's amazing. In less than a month's time, I feel like I am me again. I am that freak that you see walking around the grocery store smiling for no reason. I am the person you get fussy with at the post office because I'm chatting with the employees and holding up the line. All of this energy has come out of nowhere and about 95% of it is fueling this incredible Renaissance that seems to be going on in the spare bedroom of my apartment. (The other 5% went towards the run I went on today. It had been almost a month and was miserable.)

Last night I was up until 3:30am because I didn't want to stop working. I find myself waking up early, sometimes like 6am early, because an idea will just come to me and the excitement makes going back to sleep impossible. I think there have been at least four or five mornings that I've been in my studio with a Red Bull before the sun is fully up.

It's all unreal. It really is. Sales started to pick up momentum over the weekend and I'm hoping it's not just a coincidence. Making this work and not having to get another job is a dream that I cannot even fathom. If I can make it to mid-November, then ride the holiday rush, it seems possible. My fingers, toes, eyes, everything = crossed. This has to work. It feels so right.

Wow... so after that dramatic display of emotion, here are a few of the things I've cranked out this week:

bohemian mixed media art
Had a blast with this one... searching for shiny things and flowers then gluing and doodling? Yes please.


beware of artists poster


Always loved this quote!


magnolia tree flowers


My collection of magnolia pictures from this past spring is HUGE. This won't be the last :)


emily dickinson open every door


"Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door." -Emily Dickinson


rose garden photo


From a day trip to a rose garden in July :)


carpe diem poster


The evening light in the Outer Banks = pure magic.


do you suppose shes a wildflower


"Do you suppose she's a wildflower?" -Alice In Wonderland
This is what I think: the world needs people who are fine with working 9-5 day jobs, even if they are awful. Without them it would not function. In turn, those people need creative people: people who do their own thing and who make it their mission to remind the world of how many beautiful things are out there. People who inspire, who laugh and smile for no reason. Sometimes the realists need to bring the dreamers back down to earth a little; sometimes the dreamers need to lift the realists up. It's a perfect balance. I'm happy to be one of the ones bouncing around up in the clouds :)


Enjoy the club, my friend :).

Enjoy the club, my friend :). There's abundant of joy and happiness in the work that we do!. I share the same feelings with you, somedays I just feel like I'm floating away and just smile at anything :). Day dreaming. And more art. BLISS.

It all still feels like a

It all still feels like a dream... one that I definitely do not want to wake up from any time soon :)

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