Album Cover Collages: A College Love.

record album cover art


record album cover art


record album cover art


record album cover art


record album cover art
I took a drawing class in college once... the instructor's name was Andrea Moreau and she was fabulous. One of the first things she had us do was keep a sketchbook and turn it in every week. She always said she wouldn't read too closely in case the contents were private, but it was very important to her that we saw the value in keeping one. Ever since that class, I have had an art journal. It has become pretty much a part of me. Like I'm pretty sure if my apartment was burning down, I'd run out with a kitty under each arm and my journal in my teeth. 
Another thing I learned in that class was to embraced mixed media; Andrea let us use pretty much anything we wanted in our work. Well... as a poor college student, I needed an inexpensive idea for my final project. I was in this record store one day and they had some boxes of vintage album covers. The art on some of them was really cool; I think I went through the box like five times. The friend I was with came over, saw me looking, and knowing my love for mixed media said, "You know, I bet you could make some really cool art out of those." Suddenly about 1000 lightbulbs went on and a new love was born. And the best part: they were maybe $0.25 apiece. I probably have 50 or so hanging around my studio waiting to be revived. Each one becomes like its own little world. As a very indecisive and impulsive artist (and person in general) it is amazing to have a jumping off point. I can look at an old album cover and almost instantly feel the shape I want it to take on. 
Now that I think about it, it has been a couple of months since I have whipped one of these up. Perhaps tonight I will pour a glass of wine, revisit an old love, and celebrate the fact that it is almost the weekend.



Nothing like revisiting with

Nothing like revisiting with a glass of wine - and weekend celebrations! Love you blog! :o)

Good on you, lovely drawings,

Good on you, lovely drawings, keep your spirit up. T♥

Thank you so much! Hope you

Thank you so much! Hope you are enjoying your weekend... and maybe some wine too ;)

Thank you!! Spirit is in

Thank you!! Spirit is in great shape today - I planted a garden and worked on art :)

Totes agree, I had a similar

Totes agree, I had a similar experience with a great art teacher who opened my eyes to a world full of materials. Love your vibrant use of color, you should miniaturize them and make pendants!



Thank you!! Dabbling in

Thank you!! Dabbling in jewelry making is definitely on my list of things to learn :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

I enjoy your blog! it's cute

I enjoy your blog! it's cute with cute things on it! I hope when you get a chance checkout my blog! hopefully you;ll find something that will catch your eyes to become a follower too! I am def. following you.

WOW. Your artwork is

WOW. Your artwork is exquisite. LOVE the colors so much!. I love your garden too :). Thank you for becoming following me. I certainly enjoyed being here, will come visit again.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!! I can't

Thank you so much!! I can't get enough of bright colors and crazy combinations :)

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