40 Works In 40 Days - Day 6 and Day 7

mixed media painting


mixed media collage art


Has it really been a week since I started this project?? So I may or may not be a little behind on my posting - oops. Today is Day 8, but here are the works from days 6 and 7. Day 6 was completely about losing myself in what I was doing and not worrying about anything except dipping my paintbrush and making marks on a page. It's pretty disjointed but honestly represents the state of mind I was in at the time perfectly. 

Day 7 was kind of an extension of an art journal page I did a few months ago and really liked... just gluing things and doodling is kind of a zen-like experience. My obsession with graph paper continues... I think I like working with it because it reminds me of notebook doodling from high school and college. I actually still have multiple notebooks from high school and college because, well, the doodles around the edges of the pages are cool. 
Now it's day #8... and I haven't actually started anything yet. It has been a "worrying day," again. Yesterday was too to be completely honest, to the point where I was feeling like quitting my job really was a huge mistake. When I was driving home from the store, I got a thank you email from a girl who bought a print of "Beware of Artists." She got it for a friend who is an artist and is turning 65. The email made me cry, like in the car at a red light, instant tears. Sometimes it's like the world knows I need little reminders about why I am doing this. 
I had another interview today, which went great. The one Tuesday? No way: I was pretty much told the place was dead during the shifts they needed covered and they were looking for someone who wanted to take time to "build the business." Sorry, not to sound like a jerk, but I cannot afford to work for free. Today's interview was at a really popular bar that has a huge stage for concerts and is super busy. They will be making a decision on Monday and if there is one place I'd want to work it's this one. The odds of actually landing the job are pretty slim, but my fingers are crossed. 
Now it's only 10:30pm, and it's time to once again give myself an attitude adjustment. I know the stress is coming from the fact that tomorrow is November 1 - RENT DAY. Joy. Thank the lord my place has a grace period until the 5th. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have to worry about money. But there is a reason why I quit my job and am doing this project and am making art in general and that's because I love it. I love it with all of my heart and want to dedicate my life to it. Bad days be damned - they will not stop me. I foresee some paint flinging and aggression releasing in Day 8's piece... better get started!
Read about how this project started HERE.
The works from this project are available HERE.



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