40 Works In 40 Days - Day 5

mixed media painting
Oooooh my lord is it really almost November? I cannot believe in a few days it will have been two months since I left my job. Wow.
Yesterday marked Day 5, and this is what came out of it. I have been wanting to experiment with painting on top of multiple layers using different media and this project is the perfect time to do so. Random sidenote: if you are like me and did not know this AMAZING TIP, you can soak dried up paintbrushes (I had paintbrushes from college that I was too lazy to wash... still stuck to dried paint cups) in Murphy's Oil Soap for a couple days, wash them, and they are like new. I'm not even kidding, I feel like I have a completely new paintbrush collection. Why I saved cups of dried up brushes? Who knows. But I couldn't be happier I did. 
So while Day 6 (today) is drying and I cannot scan a picture yet, I keep thinking about my bartending job interview tomorrow. Yesterday and today I have been flooded with new art ideas and the thought of giving up my time that I could be spending carrying them out is honestly painful. I wish so much that I had one more month's living expenses saved up so I didn't have to take a side job. But what ifs are pointless, right? And sometimes you have to do what you have to do. 
Today I started experimenting with the patterns I recently learned how to create. I thought they might make cute typography posters, and here are a couple I came up with:
live with joylove lives here
I like the idea of them and love playing with different colors. AND sometimes it's just nice to work on something completely different than you usually do to break up the monotony. If it's one thing I don't do, it's monotony :)
So I decided to have a good attitude about tomorrow. It's not failing because I'm trying to get a part time job, I'm just doing what I have to do to make my dream possible... and why not be willing to do anything for your dream? I just hope I remember how to interview for a job, and that I remember everything I used to know about bartending and booze. The place I'm interviewing at specializes in whiskey, which I honestly cannot stand. I'll do shots of Jameson if I need something  that hurts on purpose, but it tends to make me stand on furniture. But again, maybe it will break up the monotony. 


I love what you did with the

I love what you did with the patterns!

I'm with ya on that one:

I'm with ya on that one: "November already!?!". Time sure does speed by... Okay... we all have to know.... how do you think the interview went? Thanks for the Murphy's Oil Soap tip...I have some house paint brushes I can try that with.Congrats with Day 5 - it turned out very pretty. I have to try that mixed media...I love the backgrounds you use. Right now, I am practicing 'painting' from one of Alisa Burke's classes. I'm such a 'newbie' to the Art world...and having tons of fun! Can't wait to see Day 6. And just think...it will be One Whole Week of your project soon. Keep up the good work. I'm truly looking forward to seeing all 40!Have a Great Day!Joan

Joan, I swear you are one of

Joan, I swear you are one of the things that's keeping me going right now. You are the PERFECT example of how amazing and supportive the artistic community is. First interview = waste of time. But second one = a hopefully amazing/lucrative job! I have to wait until Monday to find out if I got it and unfortunately there are a TON of people in the running (the place is pretty awesome) but I have my fingers crossed! How amazing does it feel to just experiment and have fun with art?? Have you started an art journal? I honestly think it is one of the best ways to learn things about yourself that you never knew. It will become one of your most prized possessions. One full week of this project has officially passed!! I'm having a much-needed glass of wine while the first layer of Day 8 dries :)I hope you had an amazing Halloween, and thank you again for being such an awesome supporter <3Best,Jenn

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