40 Works In 40 Days - Day 4

mixed media artwork
Yesterday was day 4 of my project/experiment. In the afternoon, I started seeing comments that people left on here from the previous days of this project and I was completely in shock and overwhelmed. The creative community is amazing, there is no other way to put it. The kinship that other artists feel with one another (with people we have never met in person!) is instantaneous and powerful. I don't even know how to describe it; there are no words. I just know that I am completely and utterly grateful to be a part of it. 
That dramatic display of emotion aside, I started this guy in the wee hours of last night... okay technically this morning. But I hadn't gone to sleep, so it was still Day 4 to me. I splashed various paints on watercolor paper, had a cocktail with my friend Amber (she is visiting from Chicago and I love when she is here) while it dried, then started doodling away. I've been obsessed with henna for as long as I can remember. The intricate designs and ornate patterns are totally my thing. When I was in college I bought this book called Traditional Mehndi Designs... that link is for a used copy for only $8.24. If you are into henna patterns, I could not possibly recommend a better book. It's HUGE and every single page is just full of illustrated patterns and patterned hands/feet. I look at it almost daily for inspiration. 
I'm really happy with the way Day 4 came out; the way the designs look over the colors of paint interests me. Pretty sure I'll be doing a large-scale work with this idea sometime in the near future. Now here we are in Day 5... no ideas yet as to what tonight's piece will entail but I'm excited to find out!
Any new readers can learn how this project began HERE.




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