40 Works in 40 Days - Day 3

mushroom painting
Today was weird. There are a lot of things on my mind; it's been a "worrying day," as I have come to call them. This morning started out great: I taught myself how to make seamless patterns in Photoshop and came up with this colorful explosion:
citrus crush pattern
Then tonight was kind of downhill. I applied for some bartending jobs (I used to be a bartender and actually love doing it) because the worrying was so bad. I have an interview on Tuesday. I do not want to take another dead-end job and can't help but feel like I'm failing, which is so stupid. It's such a strange feeling... like one part of me is saying NO! KEEP GOING! And the other part of me is saying to be realistic and reminding me that I cannot pay my rent in artwork when it is due in five days.
So Day 3's work... I'm honestly not that overjoyed with. Maybe someday it will come to represent inner struggle or something deep like that. But right now, to me, it just looks kind of dead. I was messing around with some paint and paper this morning while I was on the phone, just for fun. So I used that, then cut out some mushrooms I drew this morning to practice patterns with. Somehow the whole thing just looks sad to me. 
I'm not a big believer in "bad days." Bad things can happen on any given day but when you go to bed at night, you are ultimately the one who decides the day was bad. Today was not my favorite day, but I refuse to categorize it as being bad... which is not always easy, but it's always possible. I mean there are still four days until Tuesday. Something amazing couple happen in between now and then and I won't have to go to my job interview and my worrying days will all but disappear. 
It's only Day 3 and this project is already making me do a lot of thinking.



Hello There! I found your

Hello There! I found your artwork on ETSY two days ago when you posted your first of 40 works! I'm looking forward to watching each day to see what beautiful designs you come up with. I disagree - #3 is wonderful; not sad at all! I love it. I love the design, layout and the colors - it is very cool. Regarding the photoshop image... have you heard about Spoonflower? Where you can design your own fabric and sell it? Just a thought for another item in your ETSY shop? Supplies on ETSY are good items to sell. Anyway, keep up the good work. Have you ever though about "teaching" art at local art stores, craft stores, out of your home? Just more ideas to earn $$$. And I see that you also follow Alisa Burke....have you ever though of making an 'online art class'...once you create it your done and the $$ can keep coming in...just another thought. Online classes can be very popular...I have taken several and loved all of them. Well, anyway - just wanted to say I am enjoying your 40 days art project. Have a wonderful weekend. Joan (And it is understandable about not wanting the interview...however, better safe than sorry since the rent does need to be paid. Just because you might get a job, doesn't mean you will abandon your creative ART!!! And you shouldn't...just keep on swimming, never give up because you are Talented!!!)

I agree with Joan's comment,

I agree with Joan's comment, some wonderful good ideas there. Also, if you get a bartending job you get tips so will have cash every time you work - TIP JAR - fill it up baby - ka ching! Bartending was always my go-to job for quick cash. You can work 3 days a week and make as much as slogging for 5 at another job. So ninja blast out some bucks if you get the job and your art will be right where you left at home after shift. It will probably be alittle fun and look at it as a generator that keeps your ship afloat! go girl! (and what about cards, notecards - I love them, your work would rock some).

I love your art and the fact

I love your art and the fact that you are really challenging yourself to go for it. Wow, you're brave, girl. Keep going. I like your mushroom piece the composition is cool and the pattern is really good. I totally agree with Joan and Vickie. The job can keep you afloat while you rock your real work. Good luck, I'll be cheering you on!

Joan, thank you so so SO much

Joan, thank you so so SO much for your kind words and encouragement. I cannot even begin to say how much it means to me. I have never heard of Spoonflower but am absolutely going to check it out. It sounds like a great idea! I've actually never thought of an online class idea and I really like the thought of that too... especially because people get curious about different processed with mixed media. You are a wonderful soul and I appreciate your words immensely :)

Hi Vickie! After reading

Hi Vickie! After reading Joan's comment and yours I am definitely feeling better about the bartending job idea. It really is one of the easiest ways to make a decent amount of cash in a short time AND it's a job that you rarely take home with you. I had to laugh at ninja blasting out some bucks bc it gave me a FABULOUS mental picture :) Thank you so much for your kind words, you are AWESOME. AND I'm loving the notecard idea! This actually may be a soon-to-be addition to my shop :)

Thank you so so much Kari :)

Thank you so so much Kari :) I keep getting kind of emotional reading these comments and especially when you said doing this was brave, that really got me. Sometimes I feel like it was a really irrational and stupid decision (especially on days like yesterday when all I did was worry about money) but when you say things like that, it makes me remember why I did it. Thank you so much :)

Oh and one more thing...

Oh and one more thing... regarding Spoonflower. You can always search Spoonflower on ETSY to get an idea of how people sell it. A very smart way to sell the fabric with Spoonflower is to create the design, offer it at your ETSY shop, and then let the buyer know that it will take approximately so much time (I can't remember Spoonflower's turnaround time.) then that way, instead of you having to purchase the fabric ahead of time, it can be printed on demand per each customer's order. Hope that makes sense. Have a good weekend.

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