#30mandalas continues...

It's such a weird thing, to think about how other people see your artwork. Lauren (@llaurenb on Instagram), the amazing artist who inspired my #30mandalas project, once commented on IG about always being able to recognize my work by my style, saying, "No one else does this." She was talking about how I add illustrated elements and doodles to collage. It kind of floored me. Surely someone else has done this. Do I really have my own unique style? One that is recognizable?

Nowadays, it honestly seems like everything in the art world has been done. Artists are trying to do something different, but also we want to stay true to ourselves. What happens if the things we create resemble someone else's? We get accused of copying? We get accused of being unoriginal? What happens if and when our style looks like someone else's? Our work is less valuable, because we didn't get it out there first?

The online world of artists sharing and trying to be successful with our work can be a very confusing place.

While those can seem like negative thoughts, they don't feel like them to me, as they have been swirling around my brain as I continue to create these mandalas. The internet has changed the artistic world, and we are all just trying to grow and flourish along with the times. All we can do in the meantime is create, and be in love with the process of creation.

Here are the next few days of #30mandalas :


water mandala wall art

Water Mandala - Day 6


mixed media collage art portrait female

Mandala Headdress - Day 7


hot air balloon art artwork

Hot Air Balloon Mandala - Day 8


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