July 2015

Tuesday Adventures: Escaping Drama and Haters.

We all need at least one thing to help us unwind, decompress, escape, de-stress... whatever you want to call it. Art, music, writing, singing, running, cleaning. It can be anything.

I have quite a few of these things. One is of course taking walks and exploring and wandering. 

There's this quote that you probably have seen circulating the internet in different variations, but it says something like, "If you have haters, GOOD. It means you have stood up for someone at one point in your life." Remember that quote. And all of its variations. It's so important.

Art Journal Pages As of Lately

mixed media art journal pages

I get a lot of questions about my art journal/sketchbook. Basically it comes down to this: I don't work with a plan, I map nothing out, I just cut and glue and paint and draw and make a mess. It's always interesting to me how pages turn out. Usually filled with flowers and stars, and often female faces. I guess I don't really know what it all means, but it comes from someplace deep within my mind.


mixed media art journal pages


Art Journal Pages As of Lately


Tuesday Adventures: Inniswood Metro Gardens. After A Monsoon.

Sooo once again, broken record, this past Tuesday called for rain. I checked the weather a bit before I planned on leaving for Inniswood Metro Gardens  right outside of Columbus, and saw a giant line of thunderstorms headed for central Ohio. Naturally. At first I was annoyed. This thing was going to hit for sure. Then I got an idea.

After a 20 minute drive under ominous skies, I was there. Knowing my time was limited, I jumped out of the car and began snapping away, never venturing too far from the parking lot.

yellow flower close up


plants in the rain


Tuesday Adventures: Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

I had to put off my original destination for today due to... this will be shocking... rain! That place involves water, and I was still really wanting to see water, so I picked someplace a little closer to home that still involved water.

Breaks In the Rain


It rained 21 out of the 30 days in June in Columbus. At this point in the summer, I am typically sporting a pretty bitchin' tan. This year, I have not been to the pool once. The few sunny days seemed to have coordinated themselves with my schedule, and I have been too busy to get outside and enjoy them.