January 2013

A Wintertime Walk

We had our second "significant" amount of snow here in Columbus last Friday. I missed the opportunity to take pictures after our first snow storm, so I was super excited to take advantage of this most recent snowfall. Even though I was dead tired after a busy Friday night at work, I set out early Saturday morning to a wildlife area outside of the city with my camera and an McMuffin. Oh yes, I got a McMuffin. There was practically no one on the trails that early, so it was completely silent... and much of the snow was undisturbed.

Day 22

A New Year, A New Life

Now the song Jennifer Hudson sings from those Weight Watchers commercials is stuck in my head. Soooo..... wow. Hello 2013. I cannot believe I am here... not just in the new year, but where I am in life. Currently, I am surrounded by a paper/paint/scraps/envelope explosion due to frantically packing up and shipping six orders earlier. My days of going to FedEx and buying one shipping envelope at a time seem to be over. The days right before and right after Christmas were pretty scary: I had a dry spell with ZERO ETSY ORDERS and about had a panic attack. But then, they came back in a big way.