August 2012

Balancing Work, Art, and Chaos.

Crazy crazy crazy times as of lately. Sometimes I sit at my desk at work just thinking, "I cannot for the life of me believe I am quitting." It is such an exciting feeling, but again, that excitement is often overshadowed by my overwhelming fear of running out of money. And not making money. And not having money. This has been a true test of how positive a person can stay about a completely unknown future, and how much faith someone can have in what they are doing. So far, mine is strong.

Inspiration Wednesday!

I have discovered a boatload of amazing artists on Society6. Sometimes once you start clicking on that website, suddenly an hour has passed. Here are some recent finds (link to artist's Society6 page underneath):

Life as of Lately

Oooooooh my. Where do I even start. How about here: I quit my job on Monday. Yeah. Impulsive/crazy/rash/brazen/sudden? Sure. Quite possibly the best decision I've ever made in my life? Let's hope :) My last day is September 7. The way I see it, that is when my life really starts.