January 2012

Some New Work

wanderlust mixed media art
carpe noctem art mixed media
carpe diem quote print artwork


I have had the idea for these in my head for quite some time, but didn't quite know how to get them into a solid piece of art. After a trip to Half Price Books a few weeks ago for inspiration, I finally decided on a direction. Find a happy medium between going with the flow and deliberate creation has been surprisingly easy lately and I have been creating with ease. Maybe all of the art journaling and playing with different techniques has paid off! I can't wait to get started on my next piece, which will be called simply, "Bohemian."


Good lord. I am possibly the worst blogger ever. Has it really been since December 4 that I have written anything about what is going on in my corner of this crazy world we live in? It's funny how the winter months seem to fly by quickly yet drag on slowly at the same time. Here we are in mid-January. I am behind the game in this whole "get my art out into the world" process, as my website is not up and my Etsy shop is still not open. It's an intimidating process, and as much as I don't want to be afraid of failure, I kind of am.