November 2011

The Unbelievable Imagery of Maggie Piu

maggie piu artwork
maggie piu painting


maggie piu art


maggie piu painting artwork


I honestly am not even going to attempt to write anything profound/inspiring/analytical right now because I am exhausted from traveling, sick, and on massive cold medicine plus a glass of wine for good measure. In fact, it took me about five tries to spell "analytical" without getting the squiggly red line. So I gave up and used spell check, which changed it to what it is now, but the squiggly red line is still there. It's blowing my mind. Or maybe that's the NyQuil (which I probably shouldn't mix with wine). 

The 2012 Bucket List

I have been thinking a lot lately about the things I want to do, and why I am not doing them right now. Sometimes it seems like "later" is an actual time, some kind of era that you will know you are in once you are in it and things will magically start happening."I'll do it later." "Later in life I will be where I want." All you have to do is keep putting these things off day by day, waiting for later to arrive, and you have screwed yourself. Now is the time to do things. Why wait. Why set dates in the future when things can happen right now?

Yellena James: Some of the Most Beautiful Art I Have Ever Seen

You know when you experience that rare instance when you see a work of art that takes your breath away? If not, firstly I'm sorry, it's a genius experience. But secondly, to get this experience look no farther than Yellena James. She is an artist who was born in violence-ridden Sarajevo. She dodged snipers to get to her school, because the creative process is that important to her. Her images are bone-chillingly beautiful, haunting, organic... they are just so alive. I could stare at them for hours. Here are a few of my favorites:

yellena james artwork
yellena james painting


yellena james art


The Holiday Season!

I started decorating my apartment last night at 8pm and did not stop until 2... and I am STILL not finished! I love everything about the holiday season: the shopping, the decorations, the music, the warm feelings, the days off, the family time, cookies, food, drinks, and most of all the magic. I will post pictures of my final product later, but in the meantime here's some decorating inspiration:

rainbow christmas tree
professionally decorated christmas tree


diy christmas chandelier


pastel candy christmas wonderland


modern silver christmas lights


red and green christmas tree


christmas mantle display


silver and gold christmas stockings


The End of a Season.

mixed media art journal

I see the seasons in a really weird way. I feel like it is either always winter or always summer. Spring and fall always seem to fly by so quickly, which sucks sometimes because fall is my favorite season. But I feel like it is cold for so so long, then it starts to warm up, then bam! It's summer. Same with fall. Summer starts to wind down and then I blink my eyes and here we are in the middle of November. I pulled all of my flowers out today, which is always a pretty significant moment, marking the end of a season.

A Beautiful Mess.

artist studio art supplies
red curtains with lights
spare bedroom artist studio


pippa art cat lady


inspiration wall inspirational artists


vintage christmas lights art studio


diy terrarium jar


painting supplies art supplies


vintage christmas lights bubble lights


New markers: just as fun today as when I was 7.

bohemian art mixed media illustration
Today has been another one of those "I don't know what I would do if I was not artistic" kind of days. I got new Prismacolor markers on Thursday (I had a coupon!) and have not really had a chance to try them out until today. Remember when you were little and you got a new box of 64 crayons? The kind that had the crayon sharpener in the back? Maybe I am a freak, but a new box of crayons was something that would have me amped for at least a week. That feeling has never worn off with me and new art supplies.