Tumblr Thursday: Inspired By Dreams

Dreams are amazing, right? It’s fascinating that everyone seems to dream differently. Some people claim they do not dream at all, which is actually impossible, they just do not remember them. Some people seem to have dreams that make sense and read like everyday life.

Then there are the people in my family. I’m thoroughly convinced that no one dreams like myself and my two brothers. I’m talking vivid, real as I am sitting here right now typing this dreams. Magical worlds, animals that don’t exist, flying, you name it. Every single night is an adventure. The three of us also experience lucid dreaming, which if you have never heard of I definitely recommend reading up on it. It’s a dream where you know you are dreaming. Think of exploring a fantastic world full of colors and magic and secrets, with no consequences because it’s all in your mind. It’s amazing.

On Tuesday night I had a dream that was so beautiful, I was actually upset when I woke up. In this dream I was picked up in the middle of the night by some random unmanned flying machine. It was like a mini hot air balloon. Eventually I was dropped in a field in the middle of a forest. I found a path, followed it, then discovered a secret village covered in flowers where the houses were built within the trees and everything was bathed in sunlight. It was so beautiful that in the dream I started crying. Trying to use movies as comparisons, it was like a cross between the town of Spectre in Big Fish:













And Rivendell from Lord of the Rings:

But it was more cottage-y. It was incredible. Someone needs to invent a camera or some sort of device that allows you to download photos of the things you see in your dreams. Could you imagine? In any case, that dream sent me on a serious hunt through Tumblr to find photos that together would create the same idea and feel. Imagine living in any of these photos:

Photo by Clive Nichols

Creggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway, cannot locate photographer.

Bluebell Spring, Micheldever Wood, Hampshire, England. Cannot locate photographer.

Cannot locate source/photographer.

Photo by a lover’s discourse on Flickr.

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, unable to locate photographer.

Found on various internet wallpaper sites, no photographer credited.

Photo by cosmicgirl1960 on Flickr.

Cannot locate photographer

Photo by Heather Edwards.

Internet wallpaper with no photographer credited.

Cannot locate photographer.

Cannot locate photographer/original source.

Photo by “Liza…” but don’t have a link!