Signs of Spring

Oh my lord. It’s finally here. SPRING. And not just the date on the calendar, but the actual feeling of spring in the air. It feels like the earth is starting to breathe again. Early spring has been a very special and magical time to me for years and years. After living in a world of white, brown, and gray for too many months, the sudden explosion of color and life is indescribable. That first warm day when you can walk outside in a t-shirt? Does it get any better than that??

This year has been very different than last year, as far as the winter-spring transition goes. Last year on my birthday (March 22) I was out taking pictures with no jacket on, with everything in full bloom. This year? A snowstorm! However, I feel like the way winter is lingering is just going to make us appreciate warm spring days even more once they arrive. Which better be next week.

Today was in the high 40’s and sunny with the big white fluffy kind of clouds, so I went for my first springtime walk. Here are some of the signs of new life I encountered:

Encountered this friendly kitty eating grass and sunbathing :)

Encountered this friendly kitty eating grass and sunbathing :)

baby daffodils flower buds yellow flowers garden photo

beautiful spring photo flowers leaves blue sky

buds on branches spring trees baby leaves

crocus blooming purple crocus surreal dreamy flower photo

crocus blooming white crocus flower spring garden landscape

crocus flower spring blooms purple garden landscape

daffodils blooming yellow daffodil spring garden landscape

delicate pretty leaves orange flowers branches

flowering tree magnolia buds springtime scene landscape trees nature

flowers blooming in the spring goodale park

goodale park columbus ohio iron fence daffodils spring 2013

magical spring landscape baby flowers green plants sunny photo

magnolia buds baby magnolias magnolia tree in early spring

goodale park columbus ohio spring 2013 green grass

magnolia tree spring springtime flower buds growing

nature photo natural macro close up leaves flowers

purple crocus blooming in the spring violet flower garden

spring landscape magnolia tree flower buds blue sky

spring tree buds growing blue sky sunny photo

sun leaves orange blue beautiful nature photo

tiny spring flowers growing yellow flowers blue sky