The Last Night of my 20’s.

Yes, it’s true. Tomorrow I turn the dirty 30. While most people seem to freak  out about “milestone birthdays,”  I’m pretty content. The way I see it is like this: you do most of your building in your 20’s. Things like graduating college, trying out different jobs, learning what money management is all about. You make dumb mistakes in nearly every area of your life, and you learn from them. You stabilize yourself. You figure out where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there. For me, entering the 30’s is about being there.

29 was a pretty big year for me. I put a plan in motion that would (I hoped) let me live the life of my dreams. I took an amazing snowboarding trip to Colorado. Watched my student loans disappear. Quit the job that was turning me into a miserable troll. Drove to Outer Banks immediately afterwards and spent a week by the ocean feeling freedom like I’d never felt before. Came back home to eat more ramen noodles than I ever did in college, and worry about money more than I ever have in my life. I watched my little art business slowly grow and flourish, while experiencing (and overcoming) multiple bumps in the road. The fact that my birthday is always at the beginning of spring has always been a very happy thing for me. Starting a fresh new year, beginning a new season, flowers, sunshine, and warmth.

Now for the 30’s. Bring it on. I’m doing what I love. I’ve finally started to make it financially. Let the 30’s be the years of no ramen noodles! All of the hard stuff has been figured out and now it is time to just live. The word “excited” does not even begin to describe how I feel.

With some of the worrying and uncertainty having disappeared over the past few weeks, and with inspiring thoughts of the early spring, I’ve had more ideas for new work than I can keep up with. Being busy is the greatest feeling when you are busy doing stuff that doesn’t even feel like work. Here are a few of the most recent prints added to my shop:

mason jar print poster mountains stars nature travel inspired art mixed media collage

“Star Jar,” prints available HERE.

bohemian girl gypsy girl mixed media fashion illustration bright sunny art print

“Gypsy Girl,” prints available HERE.

peacock art peacock painting peacock colors bohemian wall art

“Peacock Bloom,” prints available HERE.

inspirational wall art shabby chic home decor vintage doilies mixed media art print

“Life is Beautiful,” prints available HERE.

Since I was technically born at 1:38pm on March 22, I still have a few hours left of being 29. But for sake of this milestone, t-minus 27 minutes. Wow. I can honestly say that I did everything possible to put my life where I want it to be before turning 30. Wow wow wow. The amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for every little thing that has happened and every person – family member, friend, stranger –  who has supported me is overwhelming right now. I do believe that even my 21st birthday during spring break in Florida cannot top this one. Life is beautiful. Happy spring everyone :)