From My Little Library

I love books. Like a lot. I love scouring thrift stores, half price book stores, pretty much anywhere, in search of interesting books. My library has gotten pretty extensive after years and years of doing this, so I think it would be fun to start sharing inspiration from the pages of some of my favorite finds. Theoretically, this is going to happen every Monday. It seems like a great way to start the week: with a bit of magic from some beautiful books.

During a thrift store trip last week, I discovered two binder-looking-things that were filled with various issues of a sewing/crochet magazine from the 60’s (I think) called Golden Hands. After flipping through the pages for about 30 seconds, I knew these books had to be mine. The doe-eyed models, the bell bottoms, the willowy sleeves of the hippie shirts, the crochet… swoon. Here are some of my favorite images:

vintage fashion illustration vogue dress sewing patterns 70s hippie retro


vintage fashion magazine vintage dress illustration golden hands



vintage fashion magazine photos hipie fashion illustration flower child gypsy


hippie fashion vintage clothes fashion illustration retro trippy colorful 60s clothesThere are soooo many more examples that I will definitely share at a later date. Did you see the eyelashes on the model in the white silk shirt?? I foresee a vintage-inspired illustration in my near future.