A Wintertime Walk

We had our second “significant” amount of snow here in Columbus last Friday. I missed the opportunity to take pictures after our first snow storm, so I was super excited to take advantage of this most recent snowfall. Even though I was dead tired after a busy Friday night at work, I set out early Saturday morning to a wildlife area outside of the city with my camera and an McMuffin. Oh yes, I got a McMuffin. There was practically no one on the trails that early, so it was completely silent… and much of the snow was undisturbed. Walking through the snow and the silence in the empty forest was magical. Here are the first of many pictures:

Even though winter starts to get pretty old around this time of year, the beauty of a new snowfall never does. Can’t wait to start altering these to make some new wintertime art for my shop! Speaking of which, massive amounts of stuff to share within the next couple of days. New originals from 40 Works In 40 Days, new prints, a new series, love being so super busy!