Balancing Work, Art, and Chaos.

Crazy crazy crazy times as of lately. Sometimes I sit at my desk at work just thinking, “I cannot for the life of me believe I am quitting.” It is such an exciting feeling, but again, that excitement is often overshadowed by my overwhelming fear of running out of money. And not making money. And not having money. This has been a true test of how positive a person can stay about a completely unknown future, and how much faith someone can have in what they are doing. So far, mine is strong.

It is a tricky thing when I am gone from 7:30am until 6pm every week day. I have to cram as much working on my “new job” into the evening hours as possible. That can get tricky when plans of happy hour, TV nights with friends, and awesome dinners with my brothers fit into the mix. Artists can have a reputation for being hermits, but… I like to party. Still. At age 29.

Most of my art stuff gets done over the weekends (also can’t believe that in three weeks my life is essentially turning into one continuous weekend). Right now my sink is piled with dishes, my bathroom is covered in clothes, and I need to buy lightbulbs. However, here are some things that were born yesterday:

I honestly worked from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed yesterday. And the best part is that not once did it feel like work. It’s a great feeling to get so lost in what you are doing that you forget to do things… like eat dinner. Have I mentioned that online pizza ordering is one of the best inventions ever? So now here I sit, sink still full of dishes, bathroom still looking like a laundry bomb went off in it, and there is still a pack of lightbulbs at the store with my name on it. Oh well. It’s been a great weekend. Now it’s Sunday Funday and I happen to have a very close friend who is a very amazing cook, and all he asks me to do is bring the booze. Match made in heaven. Guess the dishes will have to wait another night!