Inspiration Wednesday!

I have discovered a boatload of amazing artists on Society6. Sometimes once you start clicking on that website, suddenly an hour has passed. Here are some recent finds (link to artist’s Society6 page underneath):

Anna from Galaxy Eyes combines dreamy photography with inspirational words and phrases… I think having a wall with seven or eight of her prints arranged together would look amazing.
Sharon Johnstone‘s photography is stunning. Pair that with her keen eye for color? Deadly combination. You may get stuck on her page for a while because you can’t turn away from the beauty. 
I actually discovered Cassia Beck on Etsy a while back and fell in love. Her body of work is HUGE and this dreamy, calm feeling kind of flows throughout. 
I love David Fleck‘s combinations in intricate ink drawing and carefree, flowy watercolor.
Elisandra‘s work is colorful and happy and just makes you feel uplifted when you look at it. 
I tried to go with some calming colors this morning because I have been having these random moments of absolutely freaking out over whether or not I’m making the right decision by leaving my job, what if I run out of money, what if I fail… Doubts are natural I guess but they are still not fun. I know this is going to be great, just gotta keep the inspiration and creativity flowing. 
Have a fantastic Wednesday :)