Finally Getting Things Done!

After feeling like I wasted last weekend and kind of beating myself up for it, I have been hard at work all day, just getting things done. I have three Etsy shops in the works and have reopened the first one… which is my kinda just-for-fun shop, so I can ease back into things. It’s called PetalNets and consists of dream catcher with flower fairies attached to them. I made a whole bunch of these on a whim last year, put them into a shop and actually sold a couple, but then the shop fell to the wayside when I had a months-long period of total loss of creative drive. Now they are back, as kind of a fun side project for when the things I try to put on paper don’t flow the way I want. Here are some pics (I still have 10 more to list!):

Back to the grind… I want to have my photography shop and my main shop, with all of my mixed media art, opened by the end of this weekend. It’s go time.