Hiding From the Heat!

The kitties still enjoy the sun from inside the air conditioning…

I feel like I am snowed in or something. Except heated in. It’s almost 104 degrees in Columbus and it’s only 1pm. It’s too hot to even go to the pool. I tried to take my art journal outside for a little photoshoot and only lasted two pictures, so I came inside and started shooting random things.

I still need to figure out if and how to fix the binding, which has completely come apart. It is duct taped on one side, but if I do that to the other side it will cover up the first page, which I don’t want to do. Here are some more of my favorite things:
I love glitter and use it obsessively frequently.

My parents are high school sweethearts and I LOVE having old pictures of them… that blue dress is one of my mom’s prom dresses!

I made a terrarium in an old gumball machine with some moss and things I collected from last weekend’s little trip. I got it a little too wet which is why it’s all fogged up, but I kind of like it that way.
Creepy storm clouds from earlier this week… I am afraid of thunderstorms (so lame, I know) but wish we would get one today to give us a break from this heat!
I am going to use this as a great excuse to hide inside and make some new art that I have been wanting to do for oh, four months or so now. I also have a coupon for a free large pizza from Papa John’s, which is going to come in very handy. Hope everyone is finding fun ways to stay cool :)