NOT Just Another Manic Monday.

By Starlight Woods on Etsy
Monday mornings are not my friend. As a general rule, Sunday nights are not either… because I spend them dreading Monday mornings. Currently I am trying to break free of the “living for the weekend” mindset that I have become completely entrapped in. Sure, ideally I do not want to spend eight hours of my day at my desk at work. But right now, it is what I have to do. So I need to make the most of it, even be thankful for it, because after a long work day I appreciate my free time even more. 
So of course, today my alarm went off at 6am, and I felt the grumpy feeling creep in as soon as I opened my eyes. Normally I hit snooze as many times as possible because I don’t want to get out of bed and face the fact that my worst enemy has arrived… then I frantically rush around all fussy because I’m borderline running late. So this morning I thought, “Hell, what’s an extra 30 minutes of sleep?” and I got up. Drank a Red Bull. Turned on the 90’s music station on TV. Opened the patio door to let the sunlight and breeze in. Watered my pots. Then started thinking of things I was thankful for and things I was looking forward to. It was just 30 minutes, but it changed my entire mood and outlook on the day. I’m trying to do little things like this lately, just to stop and breathe and appreciate. 
SO, that being said, I am now super excited for summer, weekend trips, days by the pool, the State Fair (so I like fried things on sticks, don’t judge!), taking pictures, taking walks, candles and wine on the patio… this is such a wonderful time of year. There are some fantastic summery treasuries popping up all over Etsy right now… here are some of my favorite items!
From Duryea Place Designs
Sky blue earring, soft, light, baby blue, spring flower, green, fashion, crocheted lace
By Land of Dante
Evolution of Nature - Limited Edition Print
By Katlix

I could go on forever but better get back to work…