Don’t Waste Another Day.

I had a pretty significant lunch with two very good friends of mine last Thursday. They are a husband and wife duo who started their own business from scratch and now are internet giants with giant bank accounts. The main message of that lunch? Don’t waste another day. Don’t waste it doing something you don’t love. Don’t waste it being angry about something that you can’t change. Don’t waste it by not changing something that makes you unhappy, something that you do have the power to change. When they asked about work and I told them my June 1 cutoff date, they looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I was waiting so long. “I don’t really know,” I said. They want me to get started on this art thing right now. “Don’t waste another day,” Vladi said. He said it with such conviction, and they told me that I can do this with such conviction that I actually believe it.

I had my first Etsy sale yesterday, one of my dream catchers. A lady is giving it to her daughter for Christmas. I was so shocked when I got the notification in my email that I first thought that someone hacked my PayPal account. It is a very special thing to know that a little girl is going to open up something that I made, and that this thing is hopefully going to be special to her. It’s a pretty big rush… and I want to experience it all the time. I want to make things that affect people and touch people and inspire people. This is my job. This will be my only job. And I am not going to waste another day not working towards that goal.