A Small Comparison.

Well, so far I am not too good at this creative blogging idea. However, lately I have been very good at creating things. This is how I spent my Saturday:

-Woke up with a slight hangover due to drinking some cheap vodka on Friday night. It was a necessity: cheap vodka and Ghost Adventures make for one hell of a Friday night in.

-Decided that greasy food would be a great cure, so I ordered carryout from a breakfast place downtown.

-Picked up breakfast, got coffee, came home, ate. Felt like a million bucks shortly thereafter.

-Wandered into my studio, plugged in my various strands of lights and lanterns, popped a handful of gumballs, and got to work.

-Made a huge mess, and made three new pieces of art.

-Ate some dinner, then took a walk around Victorian Village with my camera.

-Came home, made more art while listening to true crime shows in the background, until I was too tired to continue.

I want every day to be like this. I want to be home with my windows open and the breeze coming in, surrounded by paint and paper and ink, covered in paint and paper and ink, fingers sticking together with glue, the works. I was so happy, appreciating and loving every minute and really feeling alive.

Now compare that day to today:

-Woke up on Jayme’s couch to my alarm going off at 6:15am. Hit snooze multiple times while feeling the pit of dread in my stomach about going to work.

-Made it home, showered, and all I could think about was how much I just wanted to stay home and not go to work.

-Started my daily 30 minute commute to BFE, Ohio, thinking the whole time about how much I did not want to go there and how long I have until the weekend.

-Now here I sit counting down the hours, looking at the clock every two minutes, cursing it because it is not moving as fast as I’d like.

I’d give anything for it to be Saturday, and to be doing what I did on Saturday. That could be my life. Countless Saturdays, each as great as the one before. I need to learn to be grateful for these work days and this misery, because when I am living in a world of infinite Saturdays, thinking of this will make me feel all the more blessed.